Jigawa State Due Process & Project Monitoring Bureau

Due Process in Jigawa State is part of an overall governance reform process aimed at ensuring effective and efficient service delivery. The Due Process compendium consists of the basic guidelines governing budget implementation in its totality from spending limits for the various spending units to procedures governing award of contracts for projects, services or procurements.

Notwithstanding the existence of rules and regulations as contained in Stores Regulations, Financial Instructions and other Government circulars, the Due Process manual is put together as the operational tools of the Due Process and Project Monitoring Bureau – the Government Agency established by Law to ensure strict observance / enforcement of the Due Process guidelines.

The Due Process Guidelines are intended to promote transparency, competitiveness and value-for-money in the process of projects, procurement and service contracts by Government Agencies. The overall, objective is to ensure that service delivery is both effective and efficient – that is getting the right output and outcomes at the right cost.